:: mondaymorning

Serving breakfast to my girlfriend. Drinking coffee Writing in my weblog.

One week to go.

Australia here we come, check here the temperature of Melbourne the city were we arrive.

For all the international readers: I’m very sorry to announce but the daily weblog / scrapbook will be in Dutch from tomorrow. Some ‘older’ dutch people who are not very well into the English language asked me to switch to dutch. (among them my parents). So from tomorrow I will use the Dutch language. (be happy cause my english writing failures were sometimes a pain in my own ass 🙂

B.t.w. Be not surprised to see my fridge open for a very long time (when looking at the webcam): the fridge is empty. Its not okay to keep this thing running 24/7 with things in it when I am on my trip

Matthijs thanks for the SMS board message !!!


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