:: Sunday Morning

Yesterday we went to Arnhem were we at at a very nice Mexican/Spanish restaurant called Trocadero in Arnhem. What did we eat? You can find the menu here. Our starters menu was TAPA MIXTA!! a number of Tapa’s (you can eat this with 2 persons).
And after the starters menu we ate the Tex-Mex Spareribs we saw on the menu.
We surely can advise you this restaurant. The sauces they serve are great, they do not ask money for water if you want this next to your wine or other drinks. the french bread and the garlic sauce is great. The wine we had was a red spanish wine.
So if you want to have a very nice start of the evening go to this restaurant cause it’s a very okay restaurant with okay prices and delicious food.

After the dinner we went to the Rembrandt Theater were we saw The Mummy Returns . A lot of special effects, weak story, great website but that’s everything we want to tell about it, cause it will never be an Oscar winner.

And for today: lots of rain, we will be going to the east of Holland .. and then after that: we will see ….

Dennis & Lilian

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