:: Morning 1st of juni ..

Damn .. Yesterday I wanted to write something in my log. I was not at home, so I was looking for a portable PC and a modem. I did not found any. Than I remembered that the company developing the game would sponsor me and my brother with: T-shirts, Camera’s, Notebook’s, Sattellite transmitter for this trip etc.. (mmm how could I forget). So Jean if you wonder why there was no weblog yesterday……. Don’t blame it on the most beautiful girl .. my girlfiend ….

No seriously: yesterday I was very busy with some meetings, I had to go to the dentist, my grandmother and the hairdresser. Then having dinner with my parents.
Ate my first ‘Hollandse Nieuwe or Haring’ of this year (the new season just opened)
for english readers:
Haring: a typical Dutch delicacy is eating a raw herring (fish) with raw onions. You pick the fish up by the tail and let it slide into your mouth gradually. Of course the head is removed and the fish has been cleaned. The first catch of the season is called Hollandse nieuwe (‘Dutch new’) and is considered a special treat. (source of this text can be found here)
After that I drove back to my girlfriend. We did some shopping and had some sightseeing in Apeldoorn and yes next to the PC, Webcam there is also moments for talking with each other ..

And so people: the reason why there was NO weblog yesterday ..

And for today: I will receive the tickets from Jean

if my webcam video is not working: my remote is (I think) …. Check it yourself..


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