:: Evening .. 20.30 PM

At Lilian’s place, drinking coffee and making some preparations for the trip. We do countdown.

* In a few days I will close the webcam cause the W2K system does not function during the long holiday, or maybe I will use the webcam of Lilian in my source. Maybe this is a better idea 🙂

* During the trip I will write in our blog in English and Dutch language, but mainly dutch cause the most people who want to know about our travel are living in Holland. So if we do not find the time to write it in English: sorry but you can mail us at slagers@xs4all.nl

* Than I will discuss with Hotice what to do with the Around The World Part II. Of course I will join this game maybe as active player, maybe as advisor, or maybe I will support Ellen who made all questions last year 🙂 or I will analyze the questions people have after receiving/answering the question and than start to discuss about it. So than I have stuff to write about . You still can find my stories at this site please read from bottom to top .. 🙂
The pictures of the aroundtheworld game which you still can see (only for a very little time period) here will be removed very soon cause I got the message that the people who payed for the domain will not continue to do this (as www.babysoft.net is not being used anymore)

Further issues? No idea.. I get lots of idea’s right now .. but Maybe it is better to wait. 🙂


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