:: 21:16 PM

This morning I wrote an e-mail to the travel agency when I could expect the tickets. Right now (I’m just checking my e-mail) I read that the tickets will be picked up by Jean from Hotice
They found it a pitty that I could not pickup the ticket myself. Sorry but impossible :”-)
This week I have to work very hard, a collegue has holiday another collegue has preparations to do for Taiwan and I have to go to the dentist this week…….. so .. very busy.

And if Jean is reading this weblog regurlary he knows right now that I’m also not at home 🙂 Spending time with the woman of my dreams is much more important 🙂

Call me or send me an e-mail :-))

Greets Dennis
Countdown for the 10 weeks holiday YES !!!!! I’m really looking forward to it, but I will miss Lilian very much.

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