:: 16.30

And again I had made a perfect blog and pressed the wrong button 🙁 .. so, for the 2nd time .. I’m writing the things I wanted to write down the first time.

Yesterday it was ascension day and today I had to work. (so no long weekend), full with spirit I went to work and did the job I am expected to do. Meanwhile thinking about Lilian, the woman who stole my heart yesterday.
It’s very scary having feelings, very strong feelings through chat, phone and webcam, but when we saw each other we were feeling the same.
Feelings which were mutual . You cannot imagine that this could ever happen this way.
(Yes that gives a little scary feeling, but finally a very pleasant one).

And for al those old-fashioned people who are saying:
“can this be possible to be in love at someone before even meeting each other?
Yes of course it is possible; in a way it is not different from meeting each other this way than in a bar or cafe or other place.

First you are looking each other (webcam)
than you try to start a conversation (chat / phone)
and a number of other things ..

And finally if you do know that the feeling is okay and the person is okay than you know what will happen…
What will happen? Please think back in your own memories when you were in love 🙂 (or were you drunk when you kissed your wife the first time? 🙂 ).

This weekend I am not at home, I’m somewere else.

Yes you have good thoughts .. Smart people seem to visit this page.


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